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Business Needs Analysis:

What Income Issues Are Important To You?

​Do You ... Want To Add Revenue Streams To Your Income Without Increasing Your Overhead?  

Do You ... Want To Earn Money Whether You’re Working Or Not?  

Do You ... Want To Earn Money After You Retire Though Profit Sharing? 

Do You ... Want To Stop The Government From Taking Your Money Through Taxes?  

Do You ... Want To Pass Your Income to Your Children or Grandchildren? 

What Marketing Issues Are Important To You?      

Do You … Need To Market Your Business More Effectively? Online?  In Print?  Radio?  Broadcast?
Do You ...  Need More Leads and Referrals To Help Grow Your Business?

Do You … Need Help With ... Writing?  Graphic Design? Video Production?  Meetings/Events?  

Do You … Need Access To Consultants That Can Help You Grow Your Business?  

Do You … Need An Affordable Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Service?

What Legal Issues Are Important To You?    

Do You … Have Difficulty Collecting Money From Customers?     

Do You … Sign Contracts Or Documents Without Having It Reviewed By A Lawyer?     

Do You … Wonder If You Are Maximizing Your Business Tax Deductions?         

Do You … Have Questions About Legally Protecting Your Business?       

Do You … Have Concerns About The Risk Of Being Sued By Customers, Vendors Or Employees?    

Do You … Need To Consult A Labor Lawyer When Hiring Or Firing Employees Or Vendors?        

Do You … Have Trademark, Patent Or Copyright Questions?     

Do You … Have Questions About … Customs?  Immigration?  Business Issues?                                

​What Operations Issues Are Important To You?    

​Do You … Need A Low-Cost Human Resources Manager?
Do You … Need An Employee File Management Program? 
​Do You … Need To Manage Your Corporate Minutes?
Do You … Need To Manage Your Business Risk Assessment?

Do You … Want An Affordable & Easy To Operate On-Line Bookkeeping System? 

Do You … Need To Have Control Of Your Web Operations & Publish Updates Regularly?

​What Ownership & Key Employee Issues Are Important To You?     

​Do You … Need An Affordable Way To Attract Or Retain Key Executives?

Do You … Want Your Company To Pay For Your Retirement Plan & Have It Tax Deductible To Them & Tax Free To You?

Do You … Want To Your Company Learn About Business Owners' Options, Strategies & Tactics? (B.O.O.S.T.)

Do You … Have A Plan To Maximize Business Value?
Do You … Have A Strategy To Recruit, Retain & Reward Key Employees & Top Performers?
Do You … Want To Create A Legacy For Future Generations?