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A Non-Profit Educational Organization

Working for the Betterment of 

Kids, People & The Planet!

 Locations, Etc. Inc.

Tel. 212.213.0257

  • Loans

  • Media Services

  • Meeting Planning

  • Party Planning

  • Photography

  • Printing  

  • Promotions

  • Property & Casualty Insurance  

  • Public Relations 

  • Real Estate Development    

  • Restaurants

  • Shipping  

  • Special Events  

  • Sports

  • Staffing

  • Translation Services  

  • Transportation  

  • Travel  

  • Venture Capital 

  • Video Production 

  • Web Site Design

  • Writing Services

Incubator Business Options:

> Virtual <
> Cubical <
> Desk <
> Sm. Office <
> Md. Office <
> Lg. Office <

Physical Services:

  • Receptionist   
  • Broadband    
  • Copying/Printing/Fax
  • Mail Service 
  • Shipping Services
  • Kitchen
  • Conference Room
  • Training Room
  • Meeting Room

Included Activities:

  • Networking Meetings
  • Financial Service Seminars 
  • Financial Services Management & Leadership Training
  • Business Development Meetings
  • Social Responsibility Programs
  • ​Investor & Financing Pitch Presentations
  • Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Events:

     Small, Medium & Large Events:

  • New York Entrepreneurs & Startup Network
  • Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
  • New York Christian Times
  • The Bronx Chamber of Commerce
  • Small Business Expo
  • NYC Business & Entrepreneur Grade-A Networking
  • Long Island Shakers & Stirrers

     Expos & Trade Shows:

  • The Small Business Expo
  • New York Business Expo & Conference
  • Crain’s Business Expo
  • Trade Brooklyn
  • New York Times Travel Show
  • Market New York Expo

Incubator Rates:

Including Free Lead Generation Services.

Networking & Lead Generation Events:  Number of Attendees






























 Office (1-2 pp)






 Office (1-3 pp)






 Office (1-4 pp)






* Must maintain additional Business Plan Package 

On-Site Optional Services:

Intern Placement, Supervision & Reporting Services

  • 40 Hours @ $480 Monthly Stipend
  • 60 Hours @ $660 Monthly Stipend
  • 80 Hours @ $800 Monthly Stipend

Discounted Assoc. Services:

  • Accounting

  • App Development 

  • Architectural

  • Design

  • Business Loans

  • Catering  

  • Coaching

  • Communications  

  • Computer Repair  

  • Entertainment

  • Fitness

  • Floral Design

  • Fundraising  

  • Graphic Design  

  • Head Hunting

  • Health Care  

  • Hotel Bookings

  • Insurance

  • International Trade
  • Internship Placement  
  • Life Coach  
  • Life Insurance  

Definition of an Incubator: 

Using systems engineering terms a business incubator is a supporting system for a start-up (a target system) which “moves” it from point A (idea) to point B (successful venture) using special practices (services) along the life cycle. 

The Top 15 Services that
Top Performing Incubators Provide:

  • Assistance with Business Basics

  • Networking Activities

  • Marketing Assistance

  • Accounting & Financial Management

  • Specialized Equipment & High-Speed Internet Access

  • Access To Venture Capitalists, Business Angels,

  • ​Access to Mentors & Strategic Partners

  • Help with Raising Bank Finance, Grants, Seed Money

  • Shared Administrative Or Office Services

  • Links To Educational Training

  • Comprehensive Business Training

  • Presentation Skills Training

  • Shadow Advisory Boards Or Mentors

  • E-Commerce Assistance

  • Human Resource Training

How We Work
​For You:

It all starts with the fundamentals:  Proper planning, financial knowledge, asset protection, expert business and legal consulting, business operations and income generation. (see our package plans.)

Then we add in our Incubator options:  From Virtual to Office you have access Physical Services, Networking Events, Educational Training Programs, Investors and Loans, Income Streams and Lead Generation Events.

We attend dozens of events per year, from smaller networking meetings to large, full-scale expos with thousands of attendees. All so that you don't have to commit the money, time, personnel and resources.

You tell us the type of client or services you're looking for, and we promote, prescreen and provide you with the contacts. You need help? Writing, design, printing and presentation? Systems analysis, coaching, research ... all there at your disposal.

"It's Like Getting Shark Tank Services on Steroids" 

Getting Started: 

We make it easy for you to sign up and get started using the services and enjoying the benefits.

At the present time, we are accepting Virtual Memberships and Applications for the physical incubator space.  The physical space will be available early Fall 2014. 

Virtual Members are able to sign up for leads from Business Expos on an A La Carte basis.

Income generation programs are available for companies and individuals.

To get started simply sign up for your membership.  Within seven (7) days, we will provide you with a welcome package that will include your provider access numbers and support materials.  

Building Our Relationship

Additionally, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to assess your needs and arrange to provide viable solutions.

We look forward to working together so we can help you succeed and exceed your expectations.  See you at the top.

MY ESBN Incubator:

The Evolution of Business