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14-Week Intensive MBA

Imagine traveling to Europe and living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world -- all while preparing for a new life of prosperity back in the United States.  Welcome to theInternational Business School - Spain located in the historic Fundacion Valentin de Madariaga in the city of Sevilla.

The Intensive MBA Program is a postgraduate academic training program based on real-life practical experience for the management and administration of companies, organizations and institutions. It encompasses study of all organizational structures and their functionalities. The MBA provides the knowledge that allows students to create, manage and run projects and businesses successfully by thinking creatively and critically while utilizing extensive management and leadership skills.

​In order to obtain the IMBA (Intensive Master in Business Administration) degree,  a student must complete 500 hrs of academic training and the BIP - Business Integrated Project. The BIP can be a personal entrepreneurial project or a project based on a company's real needs. In the latter, students are partnered up with a company and supervised by the teaching staff and liaison at the company itself.  Upon completion the students must present and defend their project at an Academic Tribunal. 

All MBA students will be required to complete coursework on learning fundamental financial concepts regarding the best practices about how money works, and how to get money to work for savings and investments.  Students from the United States enrolled in the MBA program will also complete a licensing course and be appointed to a multi-billion brokerage company.  Upon their return to the United States they will have the option of a full or part-time career in Financial Services with the ability to own a brokerage business with annual potential earnings in excess of seven figures annually.

​An additional focus of the academic program is on Emotional Intelligence and Personal Development; specifically tailored to each student and oriented towards entrepreneurship and professional excellence. 

​The IMBA creates resilient and knowledgable professionals who are flexible and adaptable to any circumstances and markets. Our students become a beacon of inspiration and work ethic for all who surround them.