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Retirement & Investment

   Articles & Videos:

What Income/Investment/Retirement Issues Are Important To You? 

The following articles and videos explain how the IRC 7702 IUL plan is one of the best financial plans for all families in the U.S. and Canada. And why it is the best investment for most people which protects a person who lives too short a time (and still needs to protect his/her family), lives too long (and needs to properly build retirement income) and if we get sick and need long term care (which can wipe out decades of savings and investments).  

Because of the combination of growth, safety, tax advantages and protection,IUL plans are often better than real estate investments, savings accounts, bonds, IRA, 401(k) plans, and other investments which have too much risk, limited or no tax advantages, low return or management headaches.  

​ Take the time to watch these videos. IUL has been in the market since 1999 and sold by Nationwide, Prudential, Transamerica, and several other huge multi-billion companies.  But not all IULs are equal and there are many factors to consider when choosing which policy is best for you.

​Please contact Sr. Financial Advisor, Lyle Benjamin, 917-683-2625 for your free consultation or to have us do a free financial services educational seminar at your business, NPO, school, religious organization or community group.

IUL Example Videos:

Million Dollar Grandchild.  $2,000 yearly for 18 Years. (5 minutes)
Investment Grade Life Insurance. 40 Years old  (7 minutes) 
The Responsible Teenager.  $100 Monthly. (5 minutes)

Scott Mann is featured on Fox Business News, radio shows and a 20-year financial planner. One of the best IUL articles with examples that I have ever read.

The life insurance industry has the best IRS-approved retirement savings plan today — and most investors know nothing about it.

How Indexing works:

Index Universal Life Explained.  3-Part Series:

Indexed Universal Life - Part 3

Radio Host, Best selling author, and renowned financial advisor: Douglas Andrew

Smart Investment | Doug Andrew & Missed Fortune

Articles on 401k & Pensions:

Why It's Time To Retire The 401(k) - Time Magazine.

Maybe You Shouldn't Invest in a 401k After All - Forbes Magazine.

Pension Problems - CrainsWealth.

CPA Testimonial on Missed Fortune

Marv Neumann

 CPA Testimonial on Missed Fortune | Marv Neumann